Main Services

Yantraa Infotech - Summer Training


We provide summer training in object oriented programming, web development and software development. We also conduct seminar and sessions on embedded and android development.

Yantraa Infotech - Web Development


Many people prefer to go online to check their requirements; website can establish new costumers and a small business can have high revenue. You can promote your latest products and schemes through your website to many people in less time.

Yantraa Infotech - Software Development


We provide a great variety of soft wares to our users to solve content challenges and meet their business goals. Good software has become the first priority of any business or a firm and our motto is to provide you that valuable product.

Yantraa Infotech - Search Engine Optimization


SEO can help your website to appear at the top page. SEO boost your website to the top and can multiply your customers day by day. SEO is not expenditure; it’s an investment which leads you to the well-known brand.

Yantraa Infotech - Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

We provide a bulk SMS services that can send message to customers and connect with them with a message. Different promotional and transactional schemes for you, so that you can select the appropriate option for you at your convenience.

Yantraa Infotech - Social Media Optimization


Social media optimization (SMO) introduce you to social world and also promote your social page, you can perform online marketing of new products and increaser you users.

Yantraa Infotech - Web Hosting


Web hosting gives you space so that you can launch your website online and you can choose web hosting plans at your convenience.

Yantraa Infotech - Web Domain


Registering a domain for your webpage is the first step to give exclusive address to your website. We provide various domains and you can select domain of your choice.